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Yogyakarta Area
 Gua Jatijajar - Yogyakarta  
This huge limestone cave, about 130km west of Yogyakarta and 21km south of Gombong, is a popular local tourist attraction.

A concrete path wends its way over natural spring and though cave halls that a decorated with statues relating the story of the legendary lovers Raden Kamandaka and Dewi Ratna Ciptarasa. It’s very tacky, which is unfortunate because this is an otherwise impressive natural cave. More difficult to explore, but larger and unspoilt, Gua Petruk is 7km south of Gua Jatijajar. Several black-send beaches lie to the south. Pantai Indah Ayah (aka: Pantai Logending) is 5km beyond Gua Petruk. At Pantai Karang Bolong people make a living collecting and selling the nests of see swallows from the steep cliff walls.
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