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Senggigi beach Area
 Lombok's gamelan music - Senggigi beach  
(Update Mey 03 '08)
Lombok's traditional gamelan music is similar to Bali's. Several common types of ensemble accompany dances and songs, comprising the familiar drums, chimes, cymbals and gongs. The gamelan gong Sasak resembles the Balinese gamelan gong in instruments and repertoire, but may be combined with the rather unusual gamelan grantang, consisting of bamboo xylophones.

The gamelan oncer is also widely used, and best known for its use in the Kendang Belek dance, in which two instrumentalists carry and play large drums and dance a dramatic and confrontational duet.
Gamelan tawa-tawa and barong tengkok are two musical ensembles used in processions during life-cycle celebrations or other festivies such as national holidays. The usual gongs and drums are accompanied by eight sets of cymbals attched to decorated lances for marching with. The gamelan barong tengkok from central Lombok actually has gongs suspended within a Barong figure, and traditionally plays at wedding ceremonies, while the bride and groom are paraded on wooden horses.
Muslim ensembles were developed about a century ago in an attempt to stamp put the traditional orchestras. Gamelan rebana consists of up to twenty different drums, which mimic the traditional sound of gamelan music, but without the use of bronze instruments. More unsual is the gamelan klentang, made up entirely of iron instruments. Other Muslim ensembles, kecimol and cilakoq, consist of an oboe (preret), flutes, lutes, violins and drums, and often accompany Sasak poetry.
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