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  Batukaru - jatiluwih
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Batukaru - jatiluwih Area
 Gunung Batu Karu - Batukaru - jatiluwih  
gunung batukaru 1.jpg Gunung Batu Karu Batukaru - jatiluwih
gunung batukaru 6.jpg Gunung Batu Karu Batukaru - jatiluwih gunung batukaru 4.jpg Gunung Batu Karu Batukaru - jatiluwih
(Update Mey 23 '08)
Gunung Batu Karu (2276m) is the third of Bali's three major mountains and the holy peak of the western end of the island. On its slopes, Pura Luhur Batu Karu was the state temple when Tabanan was an independent kingdom. If you want to climb the mountain, you'll need a guide; there are many false trails and it's easy to get lost. From the temple, a guide will charge a minimum of 600.000Rp to take between one and five people up. It takes about five or six hours to get to the top, and four hours to get down, through quite thick forest.You need to organise the climb the day before, and be on the trail by 7am.

There's no climbing during ceremonies. If you're climbing and need to stay nearby, your option are the rather overpriced but beautiful Prana Dewi in rice fields in Wangayagede (yoga courses are sometimes held here), or the one bungalow at Warung Kadja, a few hundred metres after the turn off in wangayagede heading towards the rice terraces. There are several routes to the temple, but none of them is a perticulary high class road - it;s a remote place. The most straight forward way to get there is to follow the road north from Tabanan to Wangayagede village and continue north to the temple. Then return to the village, turn left, and do a loop through the gorgeous rice terraces north of Tabanan.
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